…The Econothropic Way

Anything which moves the World forward in a positive way, Sustainably, both Ecologically & Economically, putting something back for each other and future generations, whilst also enjoying ourselves now.  This site although not a business in itself will promote anything which satisfies the following criteria:

1) Economically Viable
2) Ecologically Sustainable
3) Ethnographically* Charitable

*We have to crucially take account of different #Cultures when #Creating necessary #Change: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethnography; otherwise we are just railroading our ideas onto struggling communities and the changes will not bite, rather fade away with time.  For real change to occur we need to bring people with us and move cultural norms step-by-step and taking ownership.

As we strive to Develop & Preserve this Very Beautiful Planet of ours in all its Diversity, in Peace, this will involve: Education; Cultural Evolution; Working Harmoniously Together in every area of life, here are just some examples to get us started:


Tenth Electric UnShakeable: www.tenthelectric.com/epk; This isn’t music for the sake of idol Fame or even just for the sake of Art itself but music inspired by The Human Condition and Motivated by Mission to improve life for everyone: Mission Through Music.


From Luxury Hotels like the inspirational Shinta Mani Group who offer incredible experiences that through their Foundation give something very significant back to this tragically war ravaged nation: Health / Education / Water, to Morocco’s very first eco Hotel: the Paradis Plage Proposition combines Luxury with Activity and Sustainability, those who travel are demanding both excitement and their hosts to assure them our footprint on these beautiful places is light, and beneficial to local communities.


Check Your Facts – if you want to make informed choices in this life and make any kind of a difference (even small things) you need to make sure your news channels and online sources are telling you the whole truth: www.makeuseof.com/tag/true-5-factchecking-websites; we never get an unfiltered picture as every source has its own bias, however the more information we can get on topics like Pollution / Recycling / Energy to name a few the better armed we are to move forward into a #Brighter future – This Stuff Matters, so let’s not worry that we might seem like bright eyed bunnies or naive, it’s the cynical who sit back and let the world fall down around them. It takes courage to make a real diference so let’s get ‘Econothropic’ peace and love,