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Village Support Programme | Shinta Mani Foundation | Econothropic


Cambodia’s unskilled youth have been identified in studies as a major factor holding back development. The Shinta Mani Foundation seeks to empower these youth by teaching skills for meaningful employment.

“All kids need is a little help, a little hope and somebody who believes in them”

Education Programme | Shinta Mani Foundation | Econothropic


Our Hospitality Training School educates students in hotel operations, English, computer and life skills. Students receive free tuition, books, uniforms and meals.

Our graduates are sought after by businesses and the program boasts a one-hundred percent hiring record!

Hospitality Programme | Shinta Mani Foundation | Econothropic

Student Support

Shinta Mani supports education by encouraging students reach their full potential and become providers in their families. We provide supplies for primary and secondary students and we give interest free loans for students to complete a degree or educational program.

Student Support Programme | Shinta Mani Foundation | Econothropic

Direct Assistance

Cambodia’s poor number almost 4.8 million and ninety percent live in rural areas where they struggle to live daily.

The Shinta Mani Foundation believes in building better futures for the communities we serve. So, we help provide food, shelter and clothing for families in need allowing people to focus on their futures.

Direct Assistance Programme | Shinta Mani Foundation | Econothropic

Water Wells

As many families lack access to clean water, they collect water from stagnant ponds or dirty streams and chance contracting disease. Or, they are forced to spend time in search of drinkable water.

By building water wells, families benefit in health gains, educational study, and work productivity.

Village Support

Villages are the heart and soul of Cambodia and the birthplace of eighty percent of society. Support for these communities translates into huge gains in societal development.

We work directly with village leaders to identify families that need support and discuss with families how best to meet their needs so that they can focus on work and school ensuring a better future.

Village Support Programme | Shinta Mani Foundation | Econothropic


Health is the cornerstone of life and society. Sick students don’t learn and sick parents can’t work, putting their future at risk. So, we work with communities to meet basic health needs to keep families strong.

We help run mobile medical clinics focused on screening for common lifestyle health problems, provide basic essential medicines and educate villagers on preventive medicine and healthy habits.

Healthcare Programme | Shinta Mani Foundation | Econothropic


Thirty percent of Cambodians live below the poverty line. As a result, they avoid medical care unless critical. Many common problems are unknown until symptoms become serious preventing work or school.

Simple medical check-ups are able to discover these diseases in an early stage when habit changes and medicine can manage or eliminate future problems.

The SMF sends mobile clinics to villages staffed by certified Cambodian and Ex-patriot doctors and dentists who provide treatment and educate on preventative health.

To date, we have given aid to over 3,900 students.

Checkups Programme | Shinta Mani Foundation | Econothropic

Small Business Loans

Cambodians are creative, ingenious people. But they often lack resources to bring their dreams to life.

Foundation small business loans seek to harness Cambodian creativity and skill. By providing entrepreneurs with an interest-free loan and basic business classes, we give the means necessary to start their own business and self-generate income.

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